Small Business IT made simple.

Teaming up with small businesses in the Texas Hill Country to make IT work for them.

Small business IT made simple.

Get high-end IT services from a local firm that can give you personalized support in your office instead of over the phone!

Small Business IT made simple.

Let a local company develop solutions that are pragmatic and personalized for your business needs.

Proudly Serving the Texas Hill Country

Our Mission

“To even the playing field from a technology perspective for small businesses, employing local resources that develop sophisticated, personalized, pragmatic solutions.”

  • Small businesses in the Texas Hill Country are often challenged to employ highly skilled and experienced IT staff for a variety of reasons.  Other consulting firms that offer these augmented services are usually scaled and priced for large enterprises or large implementations and located in more urban areas. is a company located in Fredericksburg, TX with the main purpose of helping small businesses with their high level IT services on scale to their needs and budget, specializing in web design, web hosting, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.

Our Name

  • “Duck Soup” is a classic comedy filmed in 1933 by the Marx Brothers which was named for the urban slang “Duck Soup” saying which means if something is as good as done or will be done very easily, it is said to be “duck soup.”  With that idea, our goal is to make your technology challenges “duck soup” so you can spend your time and energy on your business.  Thus IT is duck soup, or itsducksoup.