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IT Services Company

Itsducksoup is a start up company focused on serving small businesses in the hill country.  Small businesses are often challenged to employ highly skilled and experienced IT staff for a variety of reasons.  Other consulting firms that give these services are usually scaled and priced for large enterprises or large implementations focusing on more urban areas.  Our mission is to even the playing field from a technology perspective for small businesses, employing local resources that develop sophisticated, personalized, pragmatic solutions.

Itsducksoup.com prides itself on:

  • High End Customized IT Services
  • Local on site support
  • Affordable Solutions

Our Name

“Duck Soup” is a classic comedy filmed in 1933 by the Marx Brothers which was named for the urban slang “Duck Soup” saying which means if something is as good as done or will be done very easily, it is said to be “duck soup.”  With that idea, our goal is to make your technology challenges “duck soup” so you can spend your time and energy on your business.  Thus IT is duck soup, or itsducksoup.

Joshua Haggerty

Joshua Haggerty


Joshua Haggerty has a B.S. in Computer Science from the Texas A&M University College of Engineering and an M.S. in Management from the University of Texas in San Antonio.  He has worked 15 years in IT Management and IT architecture in the financial and medical industry sectors.  Joshua and his wife Jeska moved to Fredericksburg in 2015 and bought a small bed and breakfast near Main Street  called the Texas Two Step BnB.  They helped open the family winery and can often be found at 1851 Vineyards.  In doing so, and networking with others, Josh noticed a paradigm for small businesses having challenges with their IT needs that were either going ignored, or being grossly over engineered.  Having a passion for the Texas Hill Country and a passion for entrepreneurship, he saw a need for small businesses to have access to highly skilled IT folks in an on demand fashion or less than full time partnership and formed itsducksoup.com to help with these issues.